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Your Scrub Club Plan Choices

Scrub A Dub Scrubby's Car Wash Membership


Go the Extra Mile — Tire Shine + Rain Repellent + Triple Conditioner!

Scrub N Shine Scrubby's Car Wash Membership


Treat Your Car Right — Wax & Shine + Underbody Rinse + Tire Shine + Rain Repellent + Bug Prep!

Scrubby's Special Car Wash Membership


Polish and Protect — Wax & Shine + Liquid Glaze!

Scrubby's Car Wash Ceramic Shield


All the benefits of Scrubby’s Special + Ceramic coating!

Scrubby's Car Wash Graphene Extreme Car Wash Membership


Your Best Bet — Everything’s included with this premium plan!

Wash as much as you want, whenever you want! It’s easy to get started!